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Learn Graffiti: Unleash your creativity with private lessons in Dubai

While traditional drawing classes are commonplace, our team at Graffiti Dubai offers a unique opportunity for individuals in Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, to explore the world of graffiti…

Personalize Your Suitcase with Renowned Artists

Adding a touch of originality to your suitcase can make it stand out from the crowd and reflect your unique personality. At Graffiti Dubai, we offer the opportunity to customize your suitcase with…

Street Art Canvases in Dubai

Street art has gained immense popularity worldwide, capturing the essence of urban culture and self-expression. In Dubai, finding authentic street artists outside of galleries can be challenging. At…

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Graffiti on container is the best solution

Graffiti is the perfect solution for transforming and enhancing containers used by numerous businesses, companies, and restaurants in Dubai. Whether it's food kiosks, snack bars, or small sandwich…

Tote bags custom : the perfect animation in Dubai

One of the most popular and successful activations we have offered at Graffiti Dubai is the personalized tote bag station. This simple and fun activity has been requested time and time again, and has…

ISHARA Art Foundation in Dubai

ISHARA is non-profit artistic organization that aims to introduce south Asia’s contemporary art through various vision and ways in the Arabic region.

Getting inside the mesmerizing masterpieces of Juandrés Vera

Juandrés Vera is one of the most intelligent and talented graffiti artists in which I enjoyed exploring their worlds.

Al Ain “the garden city of the Gulf”

When it comes to the Arabic region in general or the gulf countries in particular the first thing that might occurs in some people’s minds is “Desert”.

Al Qattara art center in Abu Dhabi

Starting a new year, what could be more exciting for an art lover than exploring new artistic platforms to discover brilliant artists and artworks ?

The Malaysia’s Banksy “Ernest Zacharevic”

A young Asian talented street artist, who has the ability to transform dead objects into magical and colorful ones.

Dubai’s inspiring interior designer and graffiti artist “MalakGallery”

Malak Ibrahim is a Jordanian based Dubai interior designer, who graduated from Abu Dhabi university, she’s holding a bachelor degree in interior design with professional artistic experiences in…

Dubai as one of the most inspiring contemporary art destinations in the world

Dubai, the land of excitement, opportunities and dreams, where life could be seen and found in the simplest things and movements. The grand city is known for its wide range of opportunities that…

Art hub gallery ‘’ a creative space for workshops and art talks in Dubai’’

An artistic platform that’s located at Dubai design district that collects creativity and inventive ideas in order to create an original artistic space that will offers various services and…

Wissam Shawkat « art in letters »

He’s a based Dubai graphic designer, Arabic calligrapher whom managed to own a very unique style in which later became known for it’s singularity and beauty that preserved the origin of our preciouse…

A dazzling street artwork at WOK BOYZ in Dubai

The definition of a magical artwork could be seen in this amazing piece of art, an interesting work that was done in very high quality, and professional ways.


It’s a photography center that targets skilled photographers and everyone that has an interest toward the photography world.

Live our heritage festival in Dubai 2020

The event started from 25 October 2020 and will end in 18 April 2021, it focuses on presenting the source of tradition and heritage with the aim of preserving and reviving this culture among local…


The 12thedition of Abu Dhabi art fair took place from 19 to 26 November 2020. It’s an annual art fair that aims to improve the art side inside the Emirati and the whole Arabic region.

AL SERKAL AVENUE in Dubai “when art become part of the culture”

Al Serkal Avenue is an artistic and cultural neighborhood that is known as one of the most creative art platforms in the UAE.

Mixing the Arab culture with street art “Maajed Ahmed”

Majeed is a based Dubai contemporary calligrapher and graffiti artist who’s originally from Saudi Arabia, in the holly Mecca in particular.

Dubai’s financial districts need art

It’s very uncommon and rare to find a commercial battement that’s covered by artworks, we lack the culture of emerging street art with financial business, maybe it’s even something that has never…

Unlimited world of creativity and colors in Jumeirah parking

An artistic revolution has clearly been announced among artists in general, and street artists in particular, they want to force the existence of art in cities, to introduce it to the public in very…

The right place for art & craft supplies in Dubai “Hobby place”

It’s located at City Bay building, opposite Abu hail metro station, Deira, Dubai, and offers various sort of colors, canvases and more.

The man behind the clouds : Marwan Shakarchi

Marwan shakarchi is a graffiti artist who was born and raised in London to Iraqi parents, he studied economics in university and used to work for his family business

The most extraordinary street artist : “Banksy”

Although the fact that most people are aware of his artworks and political activities, the famous street artist Banksy’s personal life remain hide and mysterious, no one has ever managed to reach out…

Sikka Art fair in Dubai 2020

Seeka is an annual event that’s been organizing by Dubai arts authority under the patronage of her highness sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Daniel Arsham : One of the most inspiring contemporary sculptors in the USA

Standing Infront of one of Daniel Arsham’s works you will feel small, a different sort of world in which takes your breath away, you become part of this strange fictional world, taken by every object…

Tashkeel in Dubai

During this epidemic situation, we need to distract ourselves and avoid any negative thought that might occur in our minds, instead of concentrating on bad news, we should pay attention in various…

Corporate interior design

The interior design of a company that has just been established or is moving to new premises is often perceived as a headache for managers and business leaders.

Live graffiti during conventions

In a large number of professional sectors (if not all) conventions are organized throughout the year to enable professionals and company employees to exchange and debate on different subjects.

The most beautiful meeting room decorations

We noticed something very interesting when someone contacts us with the intention of using artists to decorate one of their walls, or those of their company.

A decorated company reception area

A company's reception point is often very neglected in most cases.

What kind of murals for catering ?

Our history of projects over the last 15 years can testify to this: restaurants are privileged spaces where it is important to "create a space" that is pleasant and attractive so that customers are…

Meeting room decorations

Meeting rooms are an absolutely privileged space because they all have wall surfaces that are often left blank, and they are rooms that we believe deserve the full attention of company managers.

The 6 most frequently asked questions

There are questions that often come up during our exchanges with all the people who approach us about their various projects.

Office Street Art Decorating

Look like (including meeting rooms, but we devote a specific article to this).

What brands of spray bombs do we recommend for decorative projects ?

Today more than ever, there are a multitude of brands of spray paint cans from different countries with different qualities and possible uses.

Original graffiti in the kitchen

We don't often work with private individuals for graffiti wall decoration projects, but when we do, it usually involves dressing one of the walls in the living room or a bedroom wall

Street Art Graffiti animation / team building in Dubai

At Graffiti Dubai, we do very few graffiti workshops because we are already very busy on beautiful graffiti decoration projects

Experts in leather customization

Days go by, weeks go by, months go by, years go by... and the requests to personalise leather objects continue to multiply in our mailbox and the projects are more and more exciting and stimulate our…

Graffiti covering in a company parking lot

Company parking lots are often the same: ugly neon lights, ugly bands of color... Absolutely boring.

Tarp and graffiti

They ask us what type of canvas it is good to use and which material is the most adapted to work on this support and avoid having a poor quality rendering or which would not last long enough.

The beautiful minimalist illustration from Malika Favre

We recently discovered the work of Malika Favre, a talented French illustrator based in London.

Caps bar animation and Phosphorescent caps

Admittedly, when fluorescent is exposed to black light, a particular rendering is given which is close to phosphorescence...

Pyrography and graffiti

Many types of media are possible with this tool, especially wood, which allows you to obtain very interesting effects. Indeed, the tints generated by the burn on the surface of the wood creates…

Graffiti on game consoles and joysticks

Very recently, we have been approached to work on the customization of a number of game consoles. The idea was to cover and decorate the entire surface of the consoles' cases, but also and above all…

Which markers to use to personalize fabrics ?

We have recently been contacted by the brand Maje to intervene on its products in shops, the idea being to personalize directly its tote bags with letters and calligraphies. These supports being 100%…

Louis Vuitton customization

If you are a true connoisseur of the Louis Vuitton brand, you are certainly aware of the opportunity to have your leather goods personalized with colored stripes and/or initials.

Fashion illustration, lines and colors

What does an article on the subject of fashion illustration have to do with this website ? Well, first of all we do what we want because we're on our blog! Moreover, we're interested here in all…

The UAE’s three fingers salute

Many of us might have seen the symbol of three fingers salutation in several sites in Dubai or local news and even on social media, some might have already figured out the meaning behind it, and some…

Majid AL Yousef : exploring the world of Islamic contemporary calligraphy art

Majid’s a half Iraqi and half Saudi Calligraphy Artist who was born and raised in Iraq, who currently based in Dubai, he left Iraq after the war and continue his study in the UAE.

5 impressive museums to visit in Dubai

Dubai’s an amazing City in which everyone seeks for something, and it’s always ready to provide those needs to its visitors or habitants.

Saeed Khalifa : An Emirati digital photographer influencer

Besides photography, Saeed is also a graphic painter, however, it seems that he concentrates on photography more, as his digital photography artworks are more famous and known than painting.

Maisoon Al Saleh : Skeletons and Bones in Art

Bones and Skeletons are often presented as a symbol of death and macabre, but in today’s article we want to reveal one of the most interesting Emirati artists who has different point of view about…

Maison Bedouin: A Soul of origin and creativity

Located in Paris at 115 Aboukir Street 75002, and founded by two Franco-Comorian cousins, who have an Arabic root, the Association provides elegant handmade leather gloves that were made by using…

A French Calligraffiti artist who is inspired by Arabic lettering: Marko93

Marko93 is a self-taught graffiti artist who has several talents in the artistic field, adding to the Calligraffiti, he’s also a light painter.

World Art Dubai 2020

2020 seems to be a very special year for Dubai, not only by lunching several important projects but also opening doors and opportunities to the Artistic world to get involve more in the society and…

Creek Tower: Another Artistic Architectural Wonder in Dubai

When it comes to Architectural development, the UAE intends to be the best and always seeks for creativity in order to keep evolving and bring amazement to the world and its inhabitant.

Magda Sayeg : The Mother of Graffiti knitting

Magda Sayeg is a textile artist and the founder of” Knitta Please”, an American of Lebanese descent who was interested in knitting since she was 16 years old, she’s also known as the mother of the…

El Seed : When Calligraffiti Art become a message of peace

His artworks concentrate on providing humanitarian messages and hope by utilizing Arabic wisdoms, poems, and sometimes quotes from the Qur’an.

Amine El Bach : The painter of joy and simplicity in the middle eastern

Amine’s artworks were a reflection of Beirut, it was clear that the artist had a very special relationship with his city and wanted to express that through his own language, it seems that he has…

The world’s longest graffiti wall at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai

In 2014 while the UEA was celebrating its 43rdnational day, Dubai has presented a huge graffiti wall in which recounts a story of the UEA’s journey through colors and paintings.

One of the most interesting traditional middle east folk painters: Raouf Rifai

Raouf has a very unique theme that distinguish his artworks, the Dervish character is clearly presents in most of his artworks, and he is recognized by his obsession of painting Dervishes.

The best-selling French contemporary artist in the world: Richard Orlinski

Shining sculptures and vibrant colors occur in most of his works, by the first sight you may get the impression that these sculptures are made by colored Diamonds

The Mojo gallery in Dubai

The Mojo gallery aims to explore new techniques in its exposing methods, giving much consideration in including new creative ideas into its artistic programs

Creative graffiti artist in Dubai: Fathima Mohiuddin

Fathima consider herself as an advocate of street art, she believes that her mission is to adorn walls with art as many as she could paint

The first 3D printed office building in Dubai

Dubai has succeeded to build the world’s first 3D printed office building, an initiative of including 3D printed designs into constructions and buildings, it was launched on May 23,2016.

Graffiti In malls: the virgin Megastore in Dubai mall

Some people may find it a bad idea to decorate their places by only using black and white, but after seeing the black and white drawings that adorn the Virgin megastore’s murals,

Yann chatelain: when graffiti is combined with calligraphy to give us a superior artwork

A young talented street artist whose works show an impressive creativity and elegant inspiring artistic soul, Yann is known for his contribution in adorning Casablanca’s murals with art.

5 Graffiti Ideas for Dubai fitness places

So, today in our article we want to share with you guys several gyms graffiti that we found and thought that they might help those whom are interested in decorating their gyms murals to revive the…

Small Lie sculpture by Kaws : Hamad international airport in Qatar

As we always say in most of our articles, art beautifies everything, and bring life to the places, it wakes the curious part of the mind to wonder and try to understand what it’s observing and…

The simplicity in Art: Léna Mačka

A French illustrator, who was born in 1994 in Valence, in 2014 Lena moved to Lyon and started her artistic journey by attending an art school

3D street art in City Walk Dubai

There’s No doubt that Dubai is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, thinks to the rapid development that’s happening inside it in almost every fields, as a result

La Mer: where you can find Street Art in Dubai

When it comes to entertainment and fun in Dubai, La Mer is one of the best places that you will spend a great time in, whether it is a family gathering or a single walk for relaxing and discovering…

The most famous Street Artist in Dubai: Dina saadi

A painter and muralist who was born in Russia and moved to Syria to settle, she graduated from fine arts school, and with the encouragement of her mother and her own love of art she decided to create…

Dubai’s most influencer artists : Mattar Ben Lahej

An Emirati, self- taught painter, calligrapher, photographer and sculptor who has started his artistic career earlier, he was always interested in the artistical word and wanted to be good...

Dubai Design District

Yet, Dubai design district is considered one of the most significant sites in the city, in fact it located in a very strategically place in Dubai, it’s situated beside Dubai creek

Gallery one in Dubai Mall

The gallery sells artworks from various artists, what is more interesting about it is the fact that it isn’t dedicated to sell artworks from famous artists, however, it tends to be a spot which…

Sketch Studio Dubai : More than Art

“I hope to give our visitors the chance and space to explore their creativity”: said the founder of sketch studio Mattar Ben Lahej, an Emirati painter, photographer and sculptor who was born in…

The museum of the future in Dubai

The presence of art in every phase of the construction process tend to create a magical world that not only concentrate in the science part but also add the tenderness and charm of art on it.

Behind the apparent futurism and modernity : Dubai’s old culture

I think that most of people might get confused when it comes to Dubai’s origin or culture, and by saying that I don’t mean that it isn’t obvious that Dubai is an Arabic country, my point is that the…

Dubai 2020 Expo : THE huge event in 2020

The fact that it’s a global celebration which welcomes every person from all around the world from different ages, backgrounds and cultures, promising them to offer the best experience of amusement,…

Fitness places need art in Dubai

The emptiness that dominates the walls in the gym rooms and the mirrors that people keep looking into themselves through with every move they do bring boredom to the places and makes it lifeless

MESCO: the best place to buy art supplies in Dubai

When it comes to art materials, it might be a little bit harder for artists to find the right place to get what they need ,especially in big cities like Dubai , and today in our article we want to…

The mysterious world of Marco Mazzoni

His paintings of animals are always in a very strange position, they seem to be smothered and surrounded by flowers and leaves or combined with each other which might be considered a sort of…

HASSAN MASSOUDY : Probably on of the most important arabic calligrapher of the century

Today we’re representing a brilliant artist who was born in 1944 in nadjif in Iraq, during his childhood HASSAN MASSOUDY was interested in the world of art and started to draw.

Wael kamel Hamadeh beautiful Art in Dubai and Middle East

He has exposed in many exhibitions mostly in Dubai where we have seen one of his canvas on a wall at the GEVORA HOTEL ,as usual to Dubai it has been a great place in the middle east that you can…

Where can we buy spray paint in Dubai?

However, if you are used to buy cans in Europe (where these brands are all based), you will certainly be impressed by the prices: a spray can easily cost 44 or 50 AED ($ 12 / $ 13 approximately) ...

Pro Art Gallery @Sunset Mall

The selection seemed to have been made with great care and a real concern for the aesthetic quality. We will not miss the next opportunity to discover more about this gallery and the artists…

Name of Allah Jawaher by Helen Abbas

This work consists of a multitude of small works where the artist has made calligraphy in arabic letters but also patterns and graphic elements very representative from arab culture.

Montblanc vintage @DubaiMall

It is also the story of a brand that makes its charm and its legitimacy and Montblanc understood it well by sharing with us these beautiful creations that have a particular flavor when observed in…

Paint for kids in Dubai

Indeed, this shop offers all kinds of paintings and gouaches that are perfectly suitable for children: not toxic and easily cleanable.

Hijab design: urban and modern

There is a medium which interests us more particularly and which is very popular for women in the United Arab Emirates. it is the Islamic veil.

Art of personalization: Arabic calligraphy

Most often these luxury brand are asking our artists to draw with specialized paint on leather handbags. But it can also be belts, purses or any other leather items.

Tawb, dish-dasha : Embroidered arabic calligraphy

Most dishdash (also called gandoura or tawb) are uniform and white but we are convinced that it is quite possible to push further the aesthetics of these clothes by incorporating calligraphic…


Dubai is our city and we are proud to live here. If you walk on the waterfront, you may feel like you're on some beaches in Los Angeles or Santa Monica.

Dubai skyline

How not to be impressed by all its towers that compete in height, modern architectural elements and even creativity at times?

Retail Art in Dubai

These potential spaces that we have not worked yet, are the storefronts. However, it is privileged spaces to attract the attention

Dubai weather

Especially from June to September, the weather conditions in this region of the Middle East are particularly hot, which makes it much more difficult for you to consider painting outdoors.

Dubai Colors

Because we are convinced that Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but that it suffers from a lack of culture (because of its accelerated growth) that we propose to bring by…

Dubai pools

Maybe you are wondering why we are talking about pools in a website that deals with art and graffiti ? Well… firstly because we love the pools and also because we are convinced that very beautiful…

Dubai colors VS Sun

This prolonged exposure to light is very aggressive for the most fragile acrylic paints (or poorly protected), and this is a subject that particularly affects us.

Dozi Dream Illustration

We are always very attentive to the many talents that we can find in Dubai and we wanted today to make you discover the artist Dozi, whom we had the chance to meet a few years ago.

Blue Cave Artists

We were therefore particularly pleased to discover this collective of artists from many countries in the region (and even more distant countries) in the heart of the city of Dubai

#Spiritofdubai wall 2

Now it's time to show you the creation from another artist in a totally different style that has particularly touched us in the sense that he is getting closer to the Street Art movement and graffiti

#SpiritOfDubai Airport Wall 1

A clear and positive message to convey an ideal of life in this extraordinary city of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Airport

You as we are used to run in the airports. Because of this "rush", we do not often take the time to observe the place we are in ...

Personalization Abu Dhabi

Personalization on leather has been a great success in recent years and more and more luxury brands are calling on calligraphy artists and graffiti artists to work on more or less large pieces of…

CANVAS Art Store

This is so far the best art shop we had the opportunity to discover during our explorations in the wonderful city of Dubai. Indeed, this shop (which is not very large compared to the huge art stores…

Blank canvas in Dubai

It is an essential accessory in the life of all painters who want to expose their work. This is obviously the blank canvas on which any artist from Dubai and its region can express themselves.

Pool Sketch

From time to time on this blog, we will share with you moments of our artists' lives in different contexts. Experiences live during our travels and artistic interventions in order to share with you…

Dubai Address hotel

Like many hotels of this level and especially in a city as hot as Dubai, the pool and the space around it are one of the most important place of the hotel. It must be said that everything has been…

Acrylic paints in Dubai ?

We are focus today only on acrylic and oil painting but you have to know that you can easily find other types of painting in the store. Located in the basement of the famous Dubai Mall, the « Canvas…

The W Hotel Dubai

The W Hotel dubai is a very original place. We tried a lot of hotels in our careers and we can say that the W have something special.

Leather personalization in Dubai

Personalization is the perfect way for a brand to prove to his client that it’s taking care of him. Proposing him a product (leather good for example) personalize, the client feel that he is unique

The young girl portrait

We wanted to bring a positive vibe in this very industrial place so we chose to paint a little girl face. This young girl have a very communicative smile

Boxpark Dubai : the « HIP » Urban place

Because Boxpark is one of the original places Dubai where you will be able to find colored walls and graffiti productions.

Why United Arab Emirates are a great place for graffiti ?

Graffiti in United Arab Emirates started a few years ago and we are starting to see personalities and local artists growing very quickly. Why Now ?

Happy 2018 !

We wish you a creative and colorful new year 2018 ! One of the best way to start this year could be a collaboration with the number one street art agency in Dubai...

Arabic Graffiti

because we are great lovers of arabic calligraphy and it is always a pleasure to find Murals influenced by this beautiful art.