If we look at the favorable weather all year round, the fine sand beaches and palm trees that adorn the main roads of the city, Dubai looks like the famous Californian cities. The ultimate comfort in such a hot city is of course the swimming pool. An overview on Google earth or Google map of Dubai will show you very quickly the magnitude of the phenomenon and few residents resists to the pleasure of going to cool in the pool. Maybe you are wondering why we are talking about pools in a website that deals with art and graffiti ? Well… firstly because we love the pools and also because we are convinced that very beautiful decoration projects can be invented for the pools or even at the bottom of the the basins.

Indeed, there are very good paints resistant enough to realize large pieces in the bottom of the swimming pools and out of the shackles of the swimming pools seen and reviewed that we usually see in the pool areas of hotels or houses.

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Dubai Pools