Dubai is currently a destination that is certainly one of the most attractive for people wishing to discover atypical and dynamic destinations. Indeed, because of its activity and particularly favorable fiscal conditions, many people decide to leave everything for this new city and live the « Emirati Dream ». As a result, the city is growing at a fast pace, building towers, and entire neighborhoods are emerging every year in Dubai.

Such a density of population and such activity must be accompanied by colors, smiles, life, music, art and culture. Because we are convinced that Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but that it suffers from a lack of culture (because of its accelerated growth) that we propose to bring by multiplying projects art throughout the city. Whether these projects have been entrusted to us or not, we are always amazed to discover large murals hand painted by local or international artists, who have come to fill the wonderful artistic deficit of our beautiful region.

Street art, graffiti, woman, hijab, Dubai, UAE
Woman and street Art