Arabic Graffiti

because we are great lovers of arabic calligraphy and it is always a pleasure to find Murals influenced by this beautiful art.

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Happy 2018 !

We wish you a creative and colorful new year 2018 ! One of the best way to start this year could be a collaboration with the number one…

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Why United Arab Emirates are a great place for graffiti ?

Graffiti in United Arab Emirates started a few years ago and we are starting to see personalities and local artists growing very quickly.…

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Boxpark Dubai : the « HIP » Urban place

Because Boxpark is one of the original places Dubai where you will be able to find colored walls and graffiti productions.

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The young girl portrait

We wanted to bring a positive vibe in this very industrial place so we chose to paint a little girl face. This young girl have a very…

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Leather personalization in Dubai

Personalization is the perfect way for a brand to prove to his client that it’s taking care of him. Proposing him a product (leather good…

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The W Hotel Dubai

The W Hotel dubai is a very original place. We tried a lot of hotels in our careers and we can say that the W have something special.

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Acrylic paints in Dubai ?

We are focus today only on acrylic and oil painting but you have to know that you can easily find other types of painting in the store.…

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Dubai Address hotel

Like many hotels of this level and especially in a city as hot as Dubai, the pool and the space around it are one of the most important…

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Pool Sketch

From time to time on this blog, we will share with you moments of our artists' lives in different contexts. Experiences live during our…

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Blank canvas in Dubai

It is an essential accessory in the life of all painters who want to expose their work. This is obviously the blank canvas on which any…

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CANVAS Art Store

This is so far the best art shop we had the opportunity to discover during our explorations in the wonderful city of Dubai. Indeed, this…

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