We are now going to present a project launched by the DXB airport to bring Art and Culture to its walls, and at the same time celebrating spectacularly (as it is often the case in Dubai) life in our city, which is a hub for millions of travelers around the world. This Dubai airports initiative is supported by the following text:

« Welcome to the happiest city on earth
Where tradition meets innovation
Where tolerance meets harmony
Where boldness meets respect »

A clear and positive message to convey an ideal of life in this extraordinary city of the United Arab Emirates.


As part of The Year of Giving, the Dubai airports commissioned this monumental work by emirati artist Abdullah Lutfi, one of several gifted students at Mawaheb from Beautiful People.

Through Lutfi’s incredible eye for details, the viewer is taken on a journey to the spirit of Dubai and its gateway for millions of travelers: DXB.

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Spirit Of Dubai
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