A few days ago, we presented here the creation from a young emirati artist, who was commissioned to make a monumental illustration as part of a communication campaign that materialized under the hashtag #SpiritOfDubai. We loved this first black and white creation, with a clear line that left plenty of room for the artist’s breathing and sense of detail. Now it’s time to show you the creation from another artist in a totally different style that has particularly touched us in the sense that he is getting closer to the Street Art movement and graffiti that we are trying to represent in the city of Dubai for a few months now . The designer has created a Dubail Skyline in a very dynamic and interesting style that we let you enjoy by yourself in pictures below. We unfortunately could not note the name of the artist but if you have this information, do not hesitate to communicate it to us.

We hope many other cultural projects and initiatives of this kind will emerge in Dubai in the years to come !

Vector, illustration, Dubai, United, Arab, Emirates
Vector illustration in Dubai Airport
Graphic, Urban, Picture, Dubai, Airport
Graphic and urban picture in Dubai Airport
Original, dubai, illustration, flat design, graffiti, street art
Original Dubai illustration