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Getting inside the mesmerizing masterpieces of Juandrés Vera

Juandrés Vera is one of the most intelligent and talented graffiti artists in…

Dubai Design District loves Street Art

Dubai as one of the most inspiring contemporary art destinations in the world

Dubai, the land of excitement, opportunities and dreams, where life could be…

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A dazzling street artwork at WOK BOYZ in Dubai

The definition of a magical artwork could be seen in this amazing piece of art,…

Maajed, Ahmed, Artist, Street Art, graffiti

Mixing the Arab culture with street art “Maajed Ahmed”

Majeed is a based Dubai contemporary calligrapher and graffiti artist who’s…

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Dubai’s financial districts need art

It’s very uncommon and rare to find a commercial battement that’s covered by…

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Unlimited world of creativity and colors in Jumeirah parking

An artistic revolution has clearly been announced among artists in general, and…

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The man behind the clouds : Marwan Shakarchi

Marwan shakarchi is a graffiti artist who was born and raised in London to…

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Live graffiti during conventions

In a large number of professional sectors (if not all) conventions are…

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The most beautiful meeting room decorations

We noticed something very interesting when someone contacts us with the…

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A decorated company reception area

A company's reception point is often very neglected in most cases.