In a large number of professional sectors (if not all) conventions are organized throughout the year to enable professionals and company employees to exchange and debate on different subjects. These conventions give rise to lengthy speeches and interventions by specialists for whole days. 

One of the problems facing the organizers is to break the monotony of this type of event by bringing a little touch of madness during (or between) the speeches. It is therefore not uncommon to find animations such as cartoonists (who make live sketches) but the contribution of artistic performance is modernizing and we find more and more Street artists for these interventions during this type of event.

Street art to visually energize

We recently had the opportunity to take part in an event of this type and the formula that was found corresponded perfectly to this problem in our opinion: One of our artists intervened directly on the stage of the plenary while the guests had left for their lunch break. In a very short period of time (30 minutes), the stage they had just left had completely changed its appearance and was covered with very bright colors that echoed the company’s slogan for the event. A nice way to break the codes of classic conventions. During the rest of the event, the creation is to be found right behind the speakers and in the video feedback, which suddenly took on a lot of color !

graffiti, artist, performance, live, direct, stage, convention, corporate
Graffiti live during a convention
graffiti, painting, live, during, convention, dubai, exhibition
Live graffiti painting