We regularly receive messages from Internet users who have animation or graffiti decoration projects and wish to work on tarpaulins. They ask us what type of canvas it is good to use and which material is the most adapted to work on this support and avoid having a poor quality rendering or which would not last long enough.

Our answer is often the same for each of these enquiries: there are a multitude of possible types of tarpaulin and the best way to proceed before embarking on this type of project is to carry out a test on the tarpaulin beforehand. On the one hand there are a large number of possible tarpaulins and qualities and on the other hand there are also all sorts of brands of paint cans which have quite different compositions and textures from one another although generally speaking the acrylics found in paint cans are quite catchy and tough.

But nothing beats a full-scale test, that’s what we did here in a BMW dealership in the capital where we will soon perform on a tarp.

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Tarp testing for graffiti