Many types of media are possible with this tool, especially wood, which allows you to obtain very interesting effects. Indeed, the tints generated by the burn on the surface of the wood creates textures and tints that are often very satisfactory.Pyrography on leather

But the medium we are particularly interested in here is leather. Following a long and passionate conversation with a salesman, we were suggested this technique for customizing leather objects and pieces. All the more so as the pyroengraver is not a very expensive tool and the rendering is terribly qualitative if you master the tool and its effect on the support. The quest for elegance is paramount for us when we carry out customization work, especially for beautiful houses such as Montblanc, Maje or Zadig&Voltaire. We take particular care in choosing the right colors for the support, sometimes looking for elegance and sobriety and other times for a more punchy and dynamic look. The pyrography has the huge advantage of always avoiding the taste mistake because the obtained rendering is tone on tone, and therefore necessarily homogeneous and elegant.

Now it remains to master the tool and to know very precisely on which leather it is relevant to use it, especially since pyrography and graffiti are still rarely associated… And we intend to bring our little touch in this practice !

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Pyrography customization
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Hand lettering on leather
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Fabric markers on the artist’s space
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Pyrography Details