Very recently, we have been approached to work on the customization of a number of game consoles. The idea was to cover and decorate the entire surface of the consoles’ cases, but also and above all the controllers in different styles. A very interesting idea and so far unheard of for us.

All kinds of styles

The panel was very broad: graffiti lettering, typography, but also the character and simple graphic elements were needed. Unfortunately, this project was not successful, but we found it interesting and relevant enough to take a closer look at this practice and its various possibilities. So we grabbed our detective’s magnifying glass and our keyboard and we went in search of this type of creations on the web and we have selected here, just for you, the project images that seemed the most relevant to us.

Don’t move, we’re coming !

Of course, as soon as the opportunity arises, we will be happy to contribute our stone to the building and to propose creations in our image and always with a view of quality and fidelity to our vision of graffiti.

Overall we have found some beautiful things but we are convinced that it is possible to go much further. Both in the quality, but also in the impact and originality of the proposed pieces. This kind of initiatives are particularly appropriate when you take into account the target audience that is concerned by the use of video games.

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Custom Playstation Controllers
Examples of personalized, game consoles, original, controller
Examples of customized joysticks
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Personalized game console
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Graffiti covered joysticks