We have recently been contacted by the brand Maje to intervene on its products in shops, the idea being to personalize directly its tote bags with letters and calligraphies. These supports being 100% cotton, we had to find the right tools for our intervention. So we tested several products to finally find our happiness…

What’s up? What are the best markers to use for fabric personalization?

Our tests only concern cotton fabrics

It is very important first of all to check that the support is healthy and 100% cotton. This in the sense that the markers we are going to show you here are specific and designed for this support. Of course, nothing prevents you from testing them on other types of fabrics, but this is at your own risk. Some brands, such as Sharpie, are known to have particularly robust inks that may be suitable for other materials. Please note – even if most of you know it – that once the pattern is dry, you will need to iron the ink/paint on the fabric for it to set permanently.

Sharpie Stained

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Sharpie permanent markers

This is another brand that has largely proven itself in terms of robustness. The ink clings to the fabric and will not move. Certainly the ideal tool for customizing converse sneakers and other sneaker addictions. The colors are more beautiful and diverse than the previous product. Especially through the beautiful fluorescent shades that make their little effect. On the other hand, we have noticed that the colors lose some of their brilliance when the iron comes to fix the pattern on the fabric… Too bad! But it is a reliable product to be preferred for patterns in clear lines rather than for fillings.

Stationery Island Fabric Markers

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Stationery Fabric Markers

Here, on the other hand, it was a total discovery for us as we had never heard of this brand. Good surprise: the leads on each side of the marker, which allows you to work with two line thicknesses for each color. Another good surprise: the palette. Indeed, some beautiful original colors come with this color chart of fabric markers. On the other hand, the rendering is very similar to the two products mentioned above, certainly because it is again ink rather than covering paint.

Pébéo SetaSkrib+ Opaque

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Pebeo SetaSkrib+ Markers

Undeniably the best product of all that we tested for this session! Well, it’s already a paint marker, not an ink marker. As a result, much more covering power, especially for this model specialized for dark fabrics (but honestly, we don’t really understand the interest of getting the ones specific to light fabrics because you can also use them for lighter ones). Everything is perfect: the colors, the coverage, the drying time (about 10 minutes, which is compatible with an event context)… We particularly appreciated the silver and gold colors which work perfectly. Bravo Pébéo!

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Customized Tote Bag

It’s your time to choose now !

Don’t hesitate to send us your creations that we will publish here… Yes yes, we swear!