If you are a true connoisseur of the Louis Vuitton brand, you are certainly aware of the opportunity to have your leather goods personalized with colored stripes and/or initials. This option is generally offered to customers but they will have to wait between 6 and 8 weeks to receive their personalized product by hand.

We have begun to take an interest in this practice as part of our customization work for clients such as Montblanc or Lacoste.

Leather painting techniques

Indeed, our work in this area is intensifying / diversifying. The demand from agencies and brands is growing and we are confronted with products that are very different from each other, even if the common denominator is the material leather. Thus, we have been able to see that there is a multitude of different leathers. Each one has its own feel, grain, thickness, color… And all these parameters are taken into account in our work. Each leather can potentially react differently with paint, cleaning products etc… All this leads us to further research on the paint products used and also on the techniques.

THE Louis Vuitton reference

So we did a little bit of snooping around on the canvas and naturally came across the work being done at Louis Vuitton. Unsurprisingly, the work is very meticulous and the quality of the rendering more than satisfactory. But it’s not so much the drawing technique that we’re questioning here. It’s the paint that we’re focusing on. What paint do the Vuitton artists use to personalize the leathers? It seems almost obvious from the strength of the colors that it is not just any acrylic… It looks more like a paint with a very high concentration of pigments, the quality of which seems to guarantee a very strong impact and durability.

The investigation continues, count on us to keep you informed !

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Monograms on Louis Vuitton’s Bags