Since the past 10 years, everybody can observe that graffiti and street art creations are everywhere. Exhibitions, collaborations, murals, events… this art is very appreciated and wanted by a large public. I think that it is a good news for Art & Culture of our epoch : these days, human definitely needs every forms of expression.
But on the down side, there are a lot of new artists who are not really aware of that culture, its technics & history. I am a genuine kid of graffiti culture and I propose since 20 years unique creations adapted to the context and the objectives.

Whether it is for interior design or live performance, each project is very important for me and I pay attention to every details.

Graphical details and also to the point of logistic because realizing giant murals is a real organisation. My level of requirement allowed me to work with prestigious brands, especially in luxury sector (Montblanc, Bulgaria, Maje, l’Oréal, Zadig&Voltaire…). I am convinced that each project is an occasion to produce my best project ever !


Creative Artist

Live performances
Interior Design
Body painting


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