Who I am

I am an artist specialized in Street Art interventions on multipurpose projects.
My 20 years experience in graffiti art productions allowed me to collaborate with many international brands. My careful work and passion for calligraphy naturally conduced me to work a lot in luxury sector.

What I do

The DNA of my interventions is to bring a Street Art / Graffiti flavor on any projects I am requested to participate. Most of my productions are live performances during Dubai events and of course interior design.
I also work sometimes with brands marketing services in UAE on logos an branding illustrations.

How I do this

Founder of two Art Agencies (Graffeur Paris and Swana Studio), I conscientiously study my clients briefing in order to propose a relevant and unique solution.
I strongly believe that experience and references are the best evidence to evaluate services quality so I deeply invite you to take the time to consult my portfolio.