Panerai Dubai

Graffiti Dubai is a company based in Dubai specializing in artistic services for luxury brands. In this project, we were commissioned by the luxury brand Panerai to personalize their branded wallets with illustrations for a new collection. We sent our specialist leather customization artist, Hakim Idriss, to complete the project.

Customization at our studio

Our customization services are not limited to live events. Panerai approached us to personalize their branded wallets in our studio. This approach allowed for more intricate designs and attention to detail, resulting in a higher quality finished product.

Exclusivity of personalized gifts

Customized gifts offer a unique and personal touch that adds value to the object. In this case, the personalized wallets were intended to be gifted to important clients, making the gift even more exclusive and meaningful.

Meet the artist, Hakim Idriss

Hakim Idriss is a specialist in leather customization for luxury brands. He is experienced in delivering high-quality, bespoke designs and has worked with many luxury brands around the world. Hakim’s expertise in hand-painted illustrations and calligraphy made him the perfect artist for this project. He worked meticulously to create unique designs for each wallet, resulting in a stunning collection that represents the Panerai brand’s vision and aesthetic.


In conclusion, this project with Panerai showcases our ability to deliver high-quality, exclusive customizations for luxury brands. Our specialization in leather customization, combined with Hakim Idriss’s artistic expertise, resulted in a collection of bespoke wallets that perfectly represents the brand’s vision. We look forward to continuing to work with luxury brands like Panerai to deliver unique and personalized experiences for their clients.

ClientPaneraiServicesProduct personalizationYear2022

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