Jimmy Choo Fashion Avenue

Graffiti Dubai is a Dubai-based company that specializes in artistic services for luxury brands. In this project, we worked with the luxury brand Jimmy Choo, which sells high-end products in the Middle East. Our artist Hakim Idriss, a specialist in customizing leather products for luxury brands, was chosen to provide personalized artwork during the event.

Fashion Avenue – The Ultimate Luxury Shopping Experience

Fashion Avenue is a meticulously crafted section of the Dubai Mall that brings together some of the world’s top luxury brands. It is the perfect place for luxury brands like Jimmy Choo to showcase their products to a discerning audience.

Monogrammed Shoes – A New Era in Luxury Customization

Hakim Idriss made history by being the first artist to paint monograms on the soles of shoes. This unique and discreet personalization technique adds a touch of luxury to the footwear and sets it apart from other customized products.

High-Quality Customization – The Key to Hakim Idriss’ Success

Hakim Idriss is known for his high-quality work and his ability to engage with discerning customers. His years of experience in the luxury industry make him the perfect choice for brands like Jimmy Choo. His customized artwork adds value to the products and enhances the brand’s image.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Jimmy Choo at the Dubai Mall was a huge success. Hakim Idriss’ innovative monogramming technique on shoes added a unique touch of luxury, making the customized products highly desirable to customers. With his exceptional skills and experience, Hakim Idriss continues to provide high-quality customization services to luxury brands, creating a unique and memorable experience for their customers.

ClientJimmy ChooServicesLive customizationYear2021

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