Rimowa Dubai Mall

Graffiti Dubai specializes in providing artistic services for brands. Recently, we worked with Rimowa, a luxury luggage brand, and sent Hakim Idriss, a leather customization specialist, to the Dubai Mall. The aim was to personalize leather travel tags for the customers on the spot.

Creating Memorable Moments with Customers

The personalized touch of an artist can create unique moments between customers and brands. At Rimowa’s booth, Hakim Idriss was able to bring a personal touch to the customer’s travel tags, leaving a lasting memory of their experience. It’s these moments of connection that can turn a one-time customer into a loyal advocate for the brand.

Immersive Event Concept Rimowa is known for creating events that provide customers with truly immersive experiences.

At the Dubai Mall, the brand created an event centered around the two colors of its new collection. Customers were treated to cocktails and ice cream while they had their travel tags customized by Hakim Idriss. The immersive event created a unique experience that not only increased brand loyalty but also spread brand awareness through social media.

Graffiti Dubai is proud to work with brands like Rimowa, which prioritize customer experience and create unique moments through the power of art. By providing on-site customization services, we help brands connect with their customers and create unforgettable experiences.

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