Rimowa Mall of the Emirates

We had the pleasure of working with Rimowa, a luxury luggage brand in the Middle East. Our artist, Hakim Idriss, specializes in customizing leather goods for luxury brands. The project consisted of live personalization of leather travel tags for customers at the Mall of the Emirates store in Dubai.

Creating Happy Customers with Personalized Travel Tags

There is nothing quite like the feeling of receiving a personalized gift, especially when it comes from a luxury brand like Rimowa. Customers were thrilled to receive a unique and customized travel tag to add to their luggage. The personalization created a special connection between the customer and the brand, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Elevating the Customer Experience with Personalized Leather Tags

The Rimowa event was not just about personalizing travel tags, but it was a full sensory experience. The brand created a concept around the two colors of the new collection, with cocktails and ice cream served to customers. The store was transformed into a luxury destination, where customers could shop, socialize and have a unique experience.


Conclusion: The live personalization of leather travel tags was a huge success, as it allowed customers to leave the store with a personalized and memorable souvenir. The event was a testament to the power of personalization and the impact it has on customer satisfaction. We are proud to have contributed to such a unique and luxurious experience for Rimowa customers at the Mall of the Emirates.

ClientRimowaServicesLive customizationYear2023

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