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Graffiti-Dubai, a company specialized in artistic services for brands in Dubai, had the opportunity to work with the luxury brand Jaeger Lecoultre to personalize notebooks for their VIP clients. For this project, artist Hakim Idriss was sent to create live illustrations during a one-day professional event.

Attracting the attention of VIP clients through luxury customization

Customizing gifts for VIP clients can be an excellent way to attract their attention and create a memorable experience for them. VIP clients are accustomed to luxury products, but customization adds a unique personal touch that makes them feel special and appreciated.

Presentation of the brand Jaeger Lecoultre

Jaeger Lecoultre is a renowned luxury brand specializing in watches, clocks, and time measuring instruments. Their meticulous attention to detail and constant pursuit of excellence make them a highly respected brand in the world of luxury.

The talented leather customization expert: Hakim Idriss

Hakim Idriss is an experienced and talented artist in leather customization for luxury brands. His versatility and ability to adapt to any situation enable him to create intricate and precise works of art. He personalized the notebooks live during the professional event, thus creating unique and high-quality illustrations.

The project of customizing notebooks for the luxury brand Jaeger Lecoultre was a success thanks to the expertise of artist Hakim Idriss. VIP clients were impressed by the attention to detail and unique personal touch added to their gift. This service allowed Jaeger Lecoultre to create a memorable experience for its clients and stand out from the competition.

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