Customization at Hyatt Park

Graffiti-Dubai, a Dubai-based company specializing in artistic services for brands, had the opportunity to work for the luxury brand Montblanc. For this project, the artist Hakim Idriss was sent to personalize leather items and small leather goods live at a professional event.

Live customization for corporate events: Live customization of leather items can be an interesting animation for corporate events and conventions. Guests can witness the creation of a unique piece and leave with a personalized souvenir. This also allows the brand to create a memorable experience for its clients and stand out from the competition.

Park Hyatt Hotel: the perfect place for luxury customization

The Hyatt Park Hotel is a beautiful location situated at Dubai Creek resort, which gives the impression of being on the edge of the Mediterranean. It is a prime location for prestigious corporate events. The private spaces offer stunning views of the city and the river, creating a warm atmosphere conducive to exchanges.

The luxury customization expert: a passionate craftsman at work for Montblanc

Hakim Idriss is an experienced and talented artist in leather customization for luxury brands. He is versatile and has the ability to adapt to any type of situation. His work is meticulous and precise, allowing clients to benefit from a unique and superior quality piece.

The artistic project of leather item personalization for Montblanc at the professional event was a success thanks to the expertise of the artist Hakim Idriss. Guests were able to witness the creation of unique pieces and leave with personalized souvenirs. The Hyatt Park hotel was also an ideal choice for the event, with its atmosphere conducive to exchanges and stunning views. Live customization of leather items is an original animation for corporate events and can help brands create a memorable experience for their clients.

ClientMontblancServiceslive customizationYear2022

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