Montblanc Dubai Mall July 2023

Elevating Retail Aesthetics with Hand-Painted Leather Art at Montblanc, Dubai Mall

As a premier provider of artistic solutions based in Dubai, has continuously found innovative ways to infuse art into everyday life. Our recent collaboration with the esteemed brand Montblanc is a prime example of how our artistic interventions can create unique customer experiences and bring a vibrant touch to retail environments. In this project, our renowned artist Hakim Idriss was commissioned to hand-paint leather pieces, which were then prominently displayed among other Montblanc products at their boutique in Dubai Mall. The aim was to transform the retail space into an art-filled environment that captures attention and resonates with the cultural spirit of the region.

Art in Dubai Stores: Transforming Everyday Items into Unique Masterpieces

When artistry meets craftsmanship, everyday objects can transcend their ordinary roles and become exceptional pieces of art. Such is the case with the hand-painted leather items by Hakim Idriss at the Montblanc boutique. Each piece, painted meticulously by hand, embodies a distinctive aesthetic appeal that complements Montblanc’s luxurious offerings.

The artist’s keen eye for detail, combined with his talent for capturing the essence of Arab culture in his art, results in unique pieces that go beyond their functional purpose. Customers visiting the store are treated not just to an assortment of premium products but also to an immersive art experience. These artistic creations, displayed prominently, invite onlookers to appreciate the fusion of art and retail, creating a unique shopping experience that aligns with the cultural heritage of Dubai.

Art as the Long-Standing Bridge: The Six-Year Collaboration between Hakim Idriss and Montblanc

The partnership between Hakim Idriss and Montblanc has been marked by artistic synergy and mutual respect for over six years. This long-standing relationship has brought forth a plethora of successful projects, stretching from Dubai to Abu Dhabi.

Hakim’s mastery of painting on leather and his deep understanding of Montblanc’s brand aesthetics have resulted in exquisite pieces that have graced multiple Montblanc stores. This continual collaboration exemplifies the harmonious blending of art with commerce, adding a dimension of cultural relevance and creative appeal to the retail environment.

Each new project carries forward the legacy of this collaboration, underpinning the belief in the transformative power of art and its capacity to elevate everyday experiences.


This third collaboration with Montblanc for their Dubai Mall boutique reaffirms our commitment to creating art that resonates with people and spaces. By adorning the store with hand-painted pieces, we’ve transformed it into a vibrant art space, adding color, creativity, and a cultural narrative that leaves an enduring impression.

Projects like this underline the essence of merging art with life, creating unique experiences, and celebrating the rich tapestry of culture. We are honored to be a part of this journey with Montblanc and look forward to future collaborations that continue to push the boundaries of art in retail.

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