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Graffiti Dubai is a creative agency based in Dubai, specializing in artistic performances for brands. In this project, our artist created a live painting during Montblanc’s private event « On the Move » in a privately rented metro station in Dubai.

Live Graffiti: Adding Vibrancy to Events

Creating an event that leaves a lasting impression on guests is crucial for any brand. Adding a live graffiti performance can add a unique touch to any occasion. The station of the Dubai Monorail on the Palm Jumeirah was transformed into a dynamic, artistic space, where guests could witness the creation of a unique masterpiece.

Collaboration Between Montblanc and Hakim Idriss

Hakim Idriss is a well-known artist who has been collaborating with Montblanc for many years. Montblanc had previously commissioned Hakim to decorate their Dubai offices at the Emirates Towers, and this time, he was invited to create a live painting during their private event « On the Move. » Hakim’s artwork was centered around Montblanc’s new collection, « On the Move, » and he had to create a masterpiece in just one hour.

The Art of Live Painting: A Collective Experience

The art of live painting is a collective experience that engages the audience in the creation process. Watching an artist create a masterpiece in real-time is a unique and unforgettable experience. The guests at the « On the Move » event witnessed the creation of an exceptional artwork that will remain a lasting memory of the occasion. Moreover, the painting on the stretched canvas can be displayed by Montblanc, serving as a reminder of the event and showcasing their brand values.

In conclusion, adding a live graffiti performance to an event can bring a unique and dynamic touch that will leave a lasting impression on guests. The collaboration between Montblanc and Hakim Idriss is an example of how brands can use artistic performances to create a memorable experience for their clients. The live painting performance by Hakim Idriss at Montblanc’s « On the Move » event was a testament to the power of live graffiti to engage audiences and create an unforgettable experience.

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