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Graffiti Dubai is a company based in Dubai that specializes in artistic services for brands. In this project, we worked with the luxury brand Montblanc, which sells high-end products in the Middle East. We sent artist Hakim Idriss, a specialist in leather customization for luxury brands, to personalize various leather goods at the Montblanc store in the Dubai Mall.

Customized Luxury Leather Goods for UAE Customers

Dubai is known for its love of personalized products that are inspired by Middle Eastern culture. Montblanc recognized this and sought to offer customized leather goods to its customers in the UAE. The personalization aspect adds a special touch that makes the products even more desirable to the customers.

Adding Vibrancy to the Montblanc Display with Personalized Leather Goods

Hakim Idriss’s artistic skills brought a lot of life and color to the Montblanc boutique and the product displays. The personalized items stood out and captured the attention of customers, making the shopping experience at Montblanc even more memorable.

Throughout the approximately 10-day project, Hakim Idriss used various calligraphy styles and painting techniques to create unique pieces. He worked on a variety of leather goods, including bags, wallets, and small leather accessories. The personalizations included calligraphic designs, names, initials, portraits, and paintings of animals, objects, and scenes related to Arab culture.

The Montblanc store in the Dubai Mall is the largest in the UAE, making it an ideal location for showcasing the personalized leather goods. Customers were able to order a product and have it personalized on-site, giving them the chance to witness the artistic process firsthand.

The collaboration between Graffiti Dubai and Montblanc was a success, with the personalized leather goods attracting a lot of attention and becoming a popular choice among customers. The uniqueness and exclusivity of the pieces were a major selling point, and the demand for personalized products only continued to grow.

In conclusion, the Montblanc personalized leather goods project was a great example of how customization can add a special touch to high-end products and create a unique shopping experience for customers. With the help of Hakim Idriss’s artistic skills, Montblanc was able to offer personalized leather goods that captured the attention of customers and set their products apart from competitors.

ClientMontblanc Middle EastServicespersonalizationYear2022

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