We can honestly say that we are probably the most experienced experts in leather personalization. We are proud to say that since the past 4 years we’ve been working with great brands as MontBlanc, Bvlgari, Zadig&Voltaire, Maje, Lacoste … etc. We especially had the chance to work with Montblanc worldwide on New collections events and special operations in their shops. 

When the brand is taking care of its clients

Personalization is the perfect way for a brand to prove to his client that it’s taking care of him. Proposing him a product (leather good for example) personalize, the client feel that he is unique. When he receive it, the client forget that it is a industrial object. Thanks to the artist’s hand, it become something like a real piece of art. Furthermore, we observed that in general, people are asking for their name or initials. We think that in a commercial point of view, it is a very symbolic and strong act. It create a real and visible link between the consumer and the product.

From a simple shop to a event place

Live personalization in Dubai’s shop and malls is also a good way to animate commercial places. Inviting an artists to stay a journey in a shop is like transforming the place in a little studio where something is gonna happen. Doing this, visitors and potential consumers will easily be able to pay attention to the shop and its products. The have also more chance to enter which is a very good news for brands.

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