As your probably know, Dubai propose hundreds of hotels for the visitors. As we are trying to be creative and inspired everyday, we love to observe and analyze the deigns used in the city. Especially interior designs of course, because it’s a service we are able to propose to our clients

A futurist interior design

The W Hotel dubai is a very original place. We tried a lot of hotels in our careers and we can say that the W have something special. Sleeping and staying at the W hotel Dubai is like travelling in the time, straight to the future. We especially appreciated the use of the lights everywhere to bring a spatialship’s  state of mind. Everything in the hotel is in this very particular atmosphere and we liked it

A controlled brightness

There is a very fondamental point that make us appreciate our stay in the W hotel Dubai : The brightness. In the entrance, the elevators, the restaurants and of course the rooms, the brightness is never exaggerated and the mood is always cozy and pleasant. Maybe one thing is missing in all these interiors : graffiti and street art on the wall and in each room !

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The Modern and futurist W
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Beautiful view of Dubai
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Modern and design interior in Dubai
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Dining at Akira Back
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W hotel transfer from the airport