Visiting friends who have a beautiful art studio downtown Dubai, one of our artists painted a portrait on their wall. More exactly, this wonderful place is located near Dubai business bay, where you can find a lot of restaurants as Bosphorus, TGI Fridays, Verdura, Iran Zamin restaurant, Al Hallab Bag El Barh, Burger Hollywood, Yeldizlar restaurant on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. This confidential space used to be an office but is now a 100% art studio.

Portrait and patterns

We wanted to bring a positive vibe in this very industrial place so we chose to paint a little girl face. This young girl have a very communicative smile which is perfectly located in the entry of the studio : every future visitors will be welcome by her. But this production would probably be too classic without the use of the patterns around her head. Instead of a simple hijab, colors and beautiful patterns are covering the mural. One other thing which is very interesting and specific with graffiti art is the collective dimension. Indeed, this portrait is supposed to be the beginning of a « multi artist » production and all of the artists are invited to continue the wall with their skills.

Graffiti in Dubai’s offices

As everybody knows, Dubai is a city full of towers with thousands of offices and commercial locals. Graffiti is the perfect way to humanize a soulless place. Furthermore, there are a lot of creative options. It can be figurative pictures (for example landscapes, portrait as here with this cute girl), and also abstract or typographic : everything is possible. Take the time to go to your place and listen to your walls. Maybe you will hear it calling for colors !

graffiti, portrait, young, girl
Graffiti portrait of a young girl
graffiti, portrait, downtown, Dubai
Young girl portrait
Dubai, colors, graffiti, art
Dubai Colors
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Street art for interior design in Dubai