Welcome to Boxpark

If you came to visit the great city of Dubai, you should know that it is full of shops and malls everywhere. In general, you will find the same type of products and shops, as everywhere in the great Cities of the world. But Boxpark is not exactly the same as the others malls. There is something different, a « Urban » taste that you should try if you are looking for a cool and new kind of shopping experience. Of course, you can also come for dinner and enjoy yourself in a nice place, graffiti friendly.

Why talking about a mall on a graffiti website ?

Because Boxpark is one of the original places Dubai where you will be able to find colored walls and graffiti productions. Even if shopping and Dinning are the main activities to do, Boxpark Dubai is also like a cultural center because sometimes graffiti artists are invited to do live performances. For example, local artists as Enforce1 or Fathima Mohiuddin did artistic interventions on walls and also on volume letters.

We are glad to find places like this, between the american all of fame and the typical UAE commercial center : welcome to the forms, welcome to the colors, welcome to  Boxpark !

Contact :
800-637227 (800 MERAAS)

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View of the Boxpark Dubai from the outside
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Graffiti in Dubai
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Fathima Mohiuddin
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Enforce One art