The awakening of children through Art and Culture is an absolutely fundamental thing for their development and there are many educational and socio-cultural structures to set up projects that invite children to learn, create and express themselves. We are very sensitive to this aspect of developing the creative interest of Dubai’s youth because we are convinced that this young city needs all the creativity and energy of its children to build its own identity. and a strong culture.

Where can we get paint for young children in Dubai?

The question then arises for the organizers of artistic workshops for children (but also for teenagers) is : Where can we find suitable painting in Dubai? In general, if you are looking to buy something (whatever the field), you will most likely find it at the Dubai Mall, more precisely here in the Canvas Art Store, which we have already spoken to you here for other types of equipment.

All the material for children’s creativity

Indeed, this shop offers all kinds of paintings and gouaches that are perfectly suitable for children: not toxic and easily cleanable. Be careful, however, take your precautions regarding the availability of colors because the store is not very often replenished and if you miss a color you have to wait long enough to get the color you need . In addition to the classic gouaches and acrylics, you can also find other paintings and creative accessories for children in a specific department dedicated to them in the store. Do not hesitate to go there and share your impressions.

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Gouache and water paint
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