We do art in Dubai. We work on all kinds of creative projects. Most of the time, it is for brands and companies. We are contacted for all kinds of projects very different from each other. Initially, it was almost exclusively office decorations. Indeed, the most modern and advanced companies seek to create user-friendly and pleasant workspaces. It is also obvious that there is a marketing aspect in that it show everyone that the brand is hype and modern and has nothing to do with  the « old school offices ».

Street art for decoration and events

We also work a lot on live artistic performances during commercial events. Launch of a new product, new collection, anniversary of the brand … all the excuses are good to create events with original happenings and spectacular interventions. Our artists are able to paint or calligraphy live on all kinds of medias. We are also very requested for personalization of objects and accessories by hand, especially in luxury sector.

Art and retail ?

But there are many brands spaces available, especially in Dubai, which has a multitude of malls. These potential spaces that we have not worked yet, are the storefronts. However, it is privileged spaces to attract the attention of potential customers and we think that small artistic touches could make it more original and attractive.

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Fashion Storefront in dubai