In order to contribute to the development of art and culture in the city of Dubai, we are very attentive to the elements that characterize it. We spend hours observing it, walking in its streets, looking at its walls, its buildings, its different neighborhoods… and obviously its great spectacular and impressive towers. And if you ask a tourist or a visitor what is most representative of Dubai, there is a good chance that he will tell you about Burj Khalifa or Burj Al Arab. In any case, he will tend to talk about his great buildings.

How not to be impressed by all its towers that compete in height, modern architectural elements and even creativity at times? One day we will publish here a special article dedicated to the most surprising buildings of the city. Anyway, the skyline of Dubai is unique, and it is hard not to be interested in this point if one wonders about Dubai’s image. A bit like New York but in a totally different style and state of mind. Dubai is our New York, the Middle East New York !

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Dubai Skyline