Dubai is our city and we are proud to live here. If you walk on the waterfront, you may feel like you’re on some beaches in Los Angeles or Santa Monica. In a way, Dubai is a bit like our California in the Middle East ! With some differences of course… Several elements led us to make this connection : First of all there are of course its large white sand beaches, where the lifeguard  stations seem straight out of the famous « Baywatch » series. There are also these beautiful houses built right in front of the sea, or all these beautiful sports cars… We have not resisted the temptation to take a picture of this beautiful Chevrolet Camaro black and red which was parked there during our walk.

A little taste of California

In another area of ​​the city, we will present here « La Mer » which is a similar setting but where you will have the chance to view many Street Art murals painted directly on the walls. This is also one of the aspects that make the specificity of this area of ​​Dubai and you can imagine that we appreciate it a lot !

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Dubai Sea Border
Dubai, beach, lifeguard, UAE, sea
Dubai Lifegard
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Sea border houses
Mustang, Camaro, Dubai, beach, UAE
Mustang Camaro in Dubai