We spend so much time in this airport that we had to dedicate a special article to it in our « blog » section… We must also admit that we are very very proud to live in the city that certainly has some of the most beautiful and successful airports in the world. Yes, you can certainly say that we are chauvinistic but what can we say with these beautiful buildings and forms that make up the architecture of our beautiful airport? A very nice appetizer for visitors who would eventually visit the city and discover other architectural treasures of Dubai as the Burj Khalifa or The Burj Al Arab to name a few.

We will also return here a little bit later on all the efforts that are made day by day by Dubai Airport Managers to bring art and culture to the many walls and spaces of DXB.

Stop, look and listen

You as we are used to run in the airports. Because of this « rush », we do not often take the time to observe the place we are in … But we urge you to make this effort for our beautiful airport and not to miss the treasures that it contains !


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Dubai Airport
Dubai, Airport, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Airport in UAE
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Front of the Dubai Airport