Personalization on leather has been a great success in recent years and more and more luxury brands are calling on calligraphy artists and graffiti artists to work on more or less large pieces of leather to include different patterns. Most of the time, it’s about writing the first name or initials of the owner of the piece. But in other cases it can also be more elaborate characters and creations. It all depends on the time the artist has to make his piece and the client’s wish.

Personalization Device

In some cases, these are orders made in advance and the artist makes them in gallery but in other cases (and this is what we do most often) the artist is invited to s’ to install in a shop to realize the customizations directly for the customers of the brand which thus testifies to them a gesture and a personalized consideration.

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Megan Custom
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Leather artist
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Notebook personalized
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Customize wallet