We are lucky to have one of the finest alphabets – regardless of all cultures and civilizations – and many will recognize that Arabic calligraphy has a beauty and elegance that few other alphabets can claim to have. As you can see on this website, we are very interested in Graffiti / Street Art and mural painting in general but we are also very attentive to all elements / objects / mediums characteristic of the United Arab Emirates. So of course that include our traditional clothes !

Make the dishdash more refined and upscale

Most dishdash (also called gandoura or tawb) are uniform and white but we are convinced that it is quite possible to push further the aesthetics of these clothes by incorporating calligraphic elements without falling into a vulgarity or extravagance that is not in line with the traditional and religious values ​​of the United Arab Emirates. The calligraphic touch is for that the perfect element according to us because it testifies by its nature of the cultural identity and a beautiful calligraphy will never be too much contrary to a figurative design.

The rectangular calligraphic style by the artist Hamou

This is reflected in the image below where the calligrapher Hamou made an arabic calligraphy in a straight and rectilinear style that stretches vertically in the center of the garment. The embroidery in golden color fits perfectly with this white dishdasha and gives it an elegance is a high-end finish that only Arabic calligraphy could bring so consistently. We will take the time here to give you a more in-depth look at the calligraphic work of this talented artist.

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Traditional emirates Dishdash