Especially from June to September, the weather conditions in this region of the Middle East are particularly hot, which makes it much more difficult for you to consider painting outdoors. Moreover, if you really want to have our point of view on the issue: we strongly advise against street artists to paint outdoors in Dubai during this period. The high heat is far too intense to paint in good conditions. The paint bombs themselves are not made to withstand too extreme temperatures and exposed to too high heat, the operation can even be dangerous for your safety.

But fortunately for artists, many artistic projects take place indoors, in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. In this context, no problems: you can paint all year. On the other hand, you are strongly advised to use « ecological » spray cans which do not diffuse too much odors and which contain very few chemical contents. The most emblematic spray can brands are the Liquitex (which is quite expensive but very reliable on the safety side) and especially the Montana Water Base made in Spain (but we have not managed to find in Dubai). 

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Graffiti VS weather