One of the things we love the most when we start a new project with a media, a brand, a store or any other interlocutor in Dubai, is the possibility of reworking the strong cultural elements of our region. Doing our best to incorporate a modern and dynamics sensitivity in our projects. This « urban » touch comes directly from our practice of graffiti and wall painting. We are tying to take the creations under a new angle, reinventing forms of moucharabieh, patterns, traditional clothes or even murals to clad interior or exterior walls.

Fashion design for islamic headscarf

There is a medium which interests us more particularly and which is very popular for women in the United Arab Emirates. it is the Islamic veil. Contrary to popular belief and a very stereotypical image of the Muslim woman, the Islamic headscarf is not necessarily black or unicolor. It can be very well designed in a modern spirit and in tune with our times.

An airy, simple and contemporary aesthetic approach

Although it is not one of our creations, we wanted to show you here this beautiful example of sailing imagined in fresh and original colors, with very modern and airy graphic forms that could very well have been to melt on an abstract Street Art creation painted on a wall … We let you appreciate by yourself :

graffiti, street art, hijab, fashion, muslin, woman
Young woman hijab
street art, graffiti, Dubai, UAE, design
Original and modern Hijab