Like the rest of the creative disciplines, Graphic Design is crossed by trends, including in the world of luxury. It is always very interesting to observe and analyze once this even if this type of designs are very different from actual creations. This is the charm of the vintage, with its old posters and titles that were the heyday of major brands such as the one we are going to talk about here.

The old Montblanc posters and ads

Montblanc. A brand with whom we had the opportunity to collaborate in the UAE region but also in India, Europe and the United States. During the intervention of @Hakim.idriss, one of our artists experts in personalization of leather goods at the MontBlanc corner of Galeries Lafayette (Dubai Mall), we were able to find small cards where had been reprinted old posters that reflect the seniority of this superb brand and who shares with us the charm of this design and this aesthetic from another time. It is also the story of a brand that makes its charm and its legitimacy and Montblanc understood it well by sharing with us these beautiful creations that have a particular flavor when observed in 2019 !

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Montblanc Corner
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Montblanc Vintage
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Vintage Montblanc Posters