A few days ago, we already had the opportunity to talk to you about our interest in the wall creations using entirely or partly arabic calligraphy. This type of work often has a high aesthetic quality and above all it represents well the cultural wealth of the Arab culture. We chose here to tell you about a work by the artist Helen Abbas called « Name of Allah Jawaher ».

Prints on Sale at Gallery One @DubaiMall

You can find this artwork at Dubai Mall’s Gallery One on the lower floor. We did not have the chance to see the original version of this work but a high quality print version is on sale in this gallery specialized in reproductions of works from local artists. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to take a look on this gallery because we think that the selection of artists and works presented is very qualitative and we are particularly sensitive to the very colorful and modern approach of the works that are presented. But let’s go back to the work of Helen Abbas.

A composition of arabic calligraphies

This work consists of a multitude of small works where the artist has made calligraphy in arabic letters but also patterns and graphic elements very representative from arab culture. The colors used in this piece are perfectly controlled which brings to the overall work a modern and original look adapted to the interior cladding of our time. This combination of tradition and modernity is all that we love and we can only admire the realization of this talented artist !

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Name of Allah Jawaher
Name, Of Allah, Canvas, graffiti, street art
Name of Allah canvas