Some will say that the use of fluorescent paint is « old-fashioned » and has « already served its purpose » (yes, we heard that!). But for the past few months we had in mind to use this technique and this so particular rendering in an event-driven configuration. Indeed, whether it’s fashionable or not, the rendering is the aspect of fluorescent paint when exposed to black light brings a very interesting effect that blends totally with party and show environments.

Phosphorescent graffiti

Admittedly, when fluorescent is exposed to black light, a particular rendering is given which is close to phosphorescence… But in no case is it phosphorescent paint. We wanted to use both fluorescent paint and phosphorescent paint on custom caps. Indeed, the phosphorescent technique consists in storing the sunlight during the day to retranscribe it at night. We found that the rendering is a little more powerful when it comes to phosphorescent. For these caps, we wanted to mix the two techniques to get the best possible rendering knowing that all these caps would come to life on the heads of lucky partygoers for the next event we were going to attend.

Custom caps

During a private evening event that will take place in the Whotel located in Dubai, two artists from our team will be there to make live personalized caps with the participants’ first names. The idea is to have prepared beforehand all the backgrounds of these famous caps with phosphorescent and fluorescent paint for a perfect result.

In theory, there will be more than 150 personalized caps at the end and we look forward to seeing all these caps moving in rhythm during the evening… We will not fail to take some pictures and show them to you here !

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Personalized Cap with a name
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Customized cap shining
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Phosphorescent caps Dubai
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Caps Bar Animation