The interior design of a company that has just been established or is moving to new premises is often perceived as a headache for managers and business leaders. What state of mind should be created? What atmosphere? Which materials? Which colors? Of course, this is a profession and there are all sorts of professionals in interior design to help you to calmly tackle all these points and obtain a result that meets your requirements, which is also (and this is important for us) totally in your image. 

Repetitive interior decorations

However, we have noticed that a lot of formulas come back a lot from one company to another. We very often find the same furniture, the same colors and the same materials for the layout of Parisian open spaces. There are several possible explanations for this observation. The first is a lack of curiosity and creativity of some interior design companies who have ready-made formulas to be able to start the work quickly and cheaply. Like IKEA furniture, the result is simple and functional, but not very individual.

Art is the solution !

And that’s where we come in: even in a space where the decoration and furniture is certainly beautiful and modern, simple little touches of brush or spray cans can radically change the look of an entire workspace and bring a more lively, personalized and human touch.

Dubai, Canvas, graffiti, Street Art, Meeting Room
Graffiti Canvas in a Meeting Room
colorful, comics, characters, lettering, calligraphy, dubai
Comics and graffiti style mural
interior design , mix, light, installation, art, modern, colors
Original Mix for interiors
Graffiti, street Art, dubai, office, colors, joy, happiness
Graffiti everywhere in this office