Meeting rooms are an absolutely privileged space because they all have wall surfaces that are often left blank, and they are rooms that we believe deserve the full attention of company managers. Employees spend a lot of time in the meeting room to discuss different projects and topics. And this time spent in these rooms can sometimes be very long and painful for some who can feel « trapped » in cramped spaces.

Art and life in the meeting rooms

Covering a wall in these rooms can be very useful to make this space more pleasant and bring life to a place where it is sometimes sorely lacking !

Due to the multiplicity of these rooms in some companies, there can also be a serial logic. An example that comes up quite often in large companies is to name rooms with the names of world capitals. Graffiti wall decoration can largely support this type of approach by pushing the atmosphere even further from one room to another. For example: there could be a « New York » room decorated with American-style buildings and typography… And a « Miami » or « Los Angeles » room decorated in warm colors with palm trees and Chevrolet convertibles !

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Communication agency interior design using street art
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