There are questions that often come up during our exchanges with all the people who approach us about their various projects. Obviously, a good part of the exchanges depend on the type of project, which are very varied in the sense that sometimes it can be a question of personalization services on leather goods and caps. In other cases it will be a question of wall decoration in all kinds of styles (typographic, abstract, characters…). But also projects related to parties and the world of events in general. We have gathered here some of these questions with our answers in order to perhaps help some of them who would be in phase of reflection on a project with a service provider like Graffeur Paris.

Do you say graffiti artist? Grafiti artists? Street artists?

Call us as you like, we won’t be offended 😉

But for your information, most of the artists who make up our team are from the Parisian graffiti scene.

I would like to use graffiti artists, what services do you offer?

We perform all kinds of services which are mainly wall decoration (mostly for companies and professionals) but in some cases we also do decorations for individuals. We also offer live performances for events and company conventions. We are also increasingly carrying out customization interventions which are actually much more related to the world of calligraphy and typography rather than graffiti.

Where are you located? 

Our artists are mainly located in Paris and the Ile-de-France region but we also have a part of our team located more in the south of France. Our team is globally very mobile in France, Europe and beyond.

How much does a graffiti artist pay for a decoration?

Everything depends very much on the type of project, starting with the dimensions of the wall. But also the graphic style you are looking for for your project. It is not for us to deflect your question but it is quite obvious that making a detailed fresco of a Parisian landscape will not take the same time as painting a very abstract fresco only with color flat tints or even typographies. Do not hesitate to contact us to get a quotation very quickly for your project.

What is the price of a graffiti artist for a graffiti demonstration during an evening?

Here again, it is very complicated to answer this question as it depends a lot on the length of the live performance but also on the complexity of the creation to be made and the artist we will place for your evening. But to give a range, generally speaking, an artist’s performance with us starts at 3000 AED for the simplest interventions up to 20K AED for the most elaborate event interventions. Please note that this estimation does not include possible material costs.

I would like to have graffiti done during an indoor event. Is it possible to use suitable bombs?

In fact, there is a specific material for this type of service: solvent-free and odorless aerosol cans that we are used to using for this type of intervention. The only small problem being the rather limited color chart, which is developing little by little.

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