We don’t often work with private individuals for graffiti wall decoration projects, but when we do, it usually involves dressing one of the walls in the living room or a bedroom wall. We often tend to forget that one of the great strengths of mural painting is its ability to adapt to all kinds of supports and contexts. We even believe that it is the interest of this kind of service that allows us to paint really in situ and to play with the context, the luminosity and the elements that surround the surface we have been asked to paint.

A modern and original kitchen

For this project, for example, the idea was all the more beautiful and original as the client was a chef who wanted to have the back wall of his work surface dressed with purely graffiti textures and a portrait of Serge Gainsbourg. In this day and age, when graffiti and Street Art are used in all kinds of ways, we are convinced that the fact of intervening in an original and clever way on unexpected supports can bring a new youth and new perspectives in the art of interior design and decoration, especially in this privileged living space that is the kitchen.

Kitchen, Street, Art, portrait, tags, bombing, textures
Kitchen Street Art
graffiti, street art, dubai, spray paint, interior, design, kitchen
Side vue of the graffiti
trash, touch, graffiti, street art, contemporary, modern, decoration
Vue from the modern kitchen with a graffiti