Look like (including meeting rooms, but we devote a specific article to this). Indeed, the fact of taking particular care of the image and the company allows to ensure a role of qualitative showcase for all visitors who would set foot in the premises. By being confronted with qualitative furniture, a pleasant luminosity, but also and above all by dressing the walls which gives life to this space, the image of a lively and attractive company is born in the spectator, which is particularly useful for future employees who would come for a job interview. But also (and this is not a negligible point) for customers and future customers. This is of course also valid and useful for any other visitor who could testify to the quality of work that the employees of this company enjoy.

Walls with colors = more wellness !

For this is another point that we feel is very important and has proven its worth: the well-being provided by a pleasant and cheerful work space for all those who spend a large part of their lives enclosed within these walls. What could be more logical than allowing them to make these famous walls pleasant to look at and, if possible, to make them feel a little better on a daily basis? 

There is also the advantage of a variety of styles allowed by the wall decoration where in a space we will allow ourselves a very multicolored creation and very focused on dynamism and positivity, but we can also create other places where we will privilege a relaxing atmosphere, why not natural and soothing. These creations can also be a good way to refer to the company in an artistic and offbeat way (for example by revisiting or hijacking the logo) and thus create an affect with the employee who will have a stronger sense of belonging than if he was only facing standard walls and nothing that stimulates his enthusiasm.

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