At Graffiti Dubai, we do very few graffiti workshops because we are already very busy on beautiful graffiti decoration projects: Street Art or (and this is more and more the case) on event interventions in the context of company parties or product launches. There are also a number of websites dedicated to graffiti that offer this type of service to a large extent.

However, we still sometimes propose to supervise team building or workshops, especially during event days or evenings when the client asks us if it is possible to offer the guests the possibility to intervene punctually on a given support (generally a canvas frame) and then to keep the collective work in a company space.

This was the case here during the inauguration day of the new premises of the company D&C consulting, where each participant could come and put down a small logo, an inscription or even fill in with water-based paint sprays, in the middle of the open space.

The creative challenge

One of the central issues when embarking on this type of project is to be able to obtain in the end a work that can stand up to the test of time when it is exhibited later. Indeed, when it is a live performance by a confirmed artist in a given time (usually three or four hours) the problem does not arise because our teams are used to this type of performance and are quite willing to propose a very qualitative constructed work. However, things are different when it comes to putting spray cans of paint in the hands of people who are often uninitiated and therefore with limited technical qualities.  And also when you give the guests the opportunity to express themselves more or less freely without compromising the overall quality of the creation. For this we found a trick that proved its worth that day. It is quite easy to set up in the sense that it is only a question of working in two planes: in the background we allow the guests to do absolutely what they want (with the help of a confirmed graffiti artist present on site) but beforehand we will have fixed a stencil on the canvas with the company logo. This way, in the end, we will obtain something balanced and colorful with the logo in white in the center of the room.

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