Days go by, weeks go by, months go by, years go by… and the requests to personalise leather objects continue to multiply in our mailbox and the projects are more and more exciting and stimulate our desire to perfect our techniques and tools with each new project. A small focus in Lifestyle mode on this new customization of a leather pouch from the Celine Lefebure brand, for the « Sandra&Co » Instagrammer. A black pouch on which we drew a typographic strip like we had already had the opportunity to do before with other colors. A formula that is as effective and impactful as ever, while remaining simple.

Why does customization work so well?

Indeed it is quite legitimate to ask the question given the current period when this service is increasingly offered in shops by brands, whether they are from the luxury world or not… Whatever the countries and whatever the recent periods (whether they have been in crisis or not), the luxury sector is one of those which is not only stable but also in strong development. A big market that tends to grow and attract new customers every year.

What looks more like a luxury brand than another luxury brand? What looks more like a wallet of this brand than another wallet of that brand? How can consumers be given the feeling of being unique and having a specific treatment/service with regard to leather goods? Customization on leather can be a very good answer to this type of problems in the sense that it creates a different and privileged relationship between the consumer and his product. It « becomes again » a craft object not related to a mass production.

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