We noticed something very interesting when someone contacts us with the intention of using artists to decorate one of their walls, or those of their company. We can very quickly identify the personality of the person or more generally of the company, simply by listening to the briefing of what they are looking for. 

A decoration in the style of its occupants

We can see that there are different schools: those who want to be seen well by their hierarchy and who will absolutely try to integrate elements / values of the company… with the logo in very big and in the center of the wall (to please the bosses and maybe be able to negotiate a raise at the end of the year…). There are also those who are not necessarily concerned about the creative aspect (yes, there are some!) but just want to have color and something nice (they are usually looking for suggestions from us). Finally, there are those who have really thought about it and are looking for something that looks like them, that is interesting and relevant. 

Thoughtful and careful meeting room decoration is noticeable at first glance and we are always on creative watch to see what is being done in the world and to be able to offer qualitative and top quality creative solutions in our future projects. A small selection of the latest decorations that have caught our attention for meeting rooms in companies all over the world :

original, unique, handmade, black and white, illustrative
Black and White meeting room
Super, nice, awesome, great, beautiful, heavy, wow, wall art, street art
Super nice interior design and wall
decoration, inspiring, tantra, punchlines, quotes
Never Stop Starting, Start Non-stopping
design, office, street art, graffiti, Dubai
Super nice interior design
young, relaxed, graffiti, street art, Al Quoz, Dubai Design District
A young and relaxed graffitis