A company’s reception point is often very neglected in most cases. Managers often rely on the smile and kindness of the hostesses to welcome visitors with dignity (and we are of course convinced that this works and that the charm works!). However, in our opinion, this is one of the most important areas of the company because it is nothing less than the company’s showcase and a visitor’s first impression will be made when they arrive at the reception desk.

Decoration that has an impact on visitors

Let’s approach things from a concrete point of view, by considering two situations: the first situation where the space is very classical with white walls and the second situation where a very colorful and dynamic fresco is located directly behind the hostess. In the first situation, it will be a classic experience and the visitor (e.g. a candidate for a job interview) will not feel much difference from the premises of another company. The energy released by the decoration of the place will not make the visitor want to linger there. In the second situation, it is not the visitor who comes to the reception desk, but almost the creation and the energy that it displays that jumps out at the visitor’s eyes. Let’s not forget that a beautiful fresco has a very attractive power on the eyes and therefore the way to apprehend this place will be radically different: from the outset, we know that we are facing a living enterprise that we consciously (or not) want to know a little more about.

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Black and White graffiti decoration
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Street Art reception area
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Meeting room door