Fortunately, not all artists are lonely and locked up in their studio looking for ways to approach the next work… Of course, we have nothing against this kind of solitary artistic approach, but we must admit that we are particularly receptive to the collective dynamics that are an integral part of the graffiti and Street Art culture where many artists are gathered in groups and families. We were therefore particularly pleased to discover this collective of artists from many countries in the region (and even more distant countries) in the heart of the city of Dubai in the financial district where they have a whole space to exercise their art and produce canvases, murals…

Collective Art

Many artists with very different styles are in this collective and each of them has a space dedicated to him where he can both expose his creations but also take the time to feed them and compose them close to the others artists. This type of installation is quite common in the world of art but it seems to us that this is a first in the case of Dubai where this art is quite young and still evolving.

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Art space in Dubai
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Graffiti writing
Blue Cave, Dubai, UAE, Graffiti, Studio
Panoramic view of the studio
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Street Artist member